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AVIVA has different colours inspired by our moods and in the colours of nature, just like when the life and soul of the party arrives and reaches a group and revolutioni- zes everything, AVIVA has been conceived to always be the protagonist.



A fine bubble sparkling wine with a delicious taste on the palate, fresh, fruity and easy to drink. AVIVA reminds you of all of the flavors and aromas of the Mediterra- nean. Elaborated through natural processes and with a low alcohol content. Fo- llowing in the footsteps of the worlds wine experts and their know how.

A drink that shows the nuances inside and outside, the way we are, the taste of our grapes and our land, elements that make the difference with everything we have seen until that point.

We did not want it to make a typical prosecco, a cava or a moscato, we wanted it to be something unique, special and new.

The taste and the Mediterranean way, in never before seen format.


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Aviva Wines Pink Gold